We trace our beginnings to 2009 were Kensys Investments commenced operations as a supplier and distributor of a diverse range of products to different industries. In our efforts to satisfy customer requirements , the company saw the rise in demand of the use of Liquified Petroleum Gas by both Industry and households mainly due to the continuous load shedding and high pricing of alternative energy sources such as firewood and began engaging in the retail distribution and sale of LP Gas .

Our Values

Kensys a safer, trusted and more valuable company. As part of this process  we have 5 core values that express our shared understanding of what we believe, how we intend to operate and our aspirations as an organization:

  • Go anywhere
  • o flexible and versatile
    o accessible, portable and easy to use.
    o freedom to live where you want to

  • Environment conscious
  • o cleaner, greener and highly efficient
    o dynamic and passionate about our products
    o secure, safe and available today

  • New thinking
  • o innovation is our life blood
    o technology makes the difference
    o clever thinking today for tomorrow

  • In touch
  • o approachable, friendly and inclusive
    o environmentally aligned
    o tuned to your needs

  • Unrivalled expertise
  • o setting a standard in LPG
    o pioneering change
    o consistently seeking improvement

  • Service second to non
  • o reliable and trusted
    o simple, efficient and effective
    o adding value comes standard

Operational Capacity

We have built modern state of the art 56 Tons storage capacity static tanks at our premises in Bluffhill, Harare, 10 Tons storage capacity static tanks at our Graniteside depot.

We also have 3 LP Gas bulk road tankers with loading capacity of 24 Tons each, and two Oryx tankers per week which translates to 120 Tons in total. In order to cater for local deliveries to our various distribution points countrywide - Metro Peech, Netfuel, Petro Trade and other customers that need direct deliveries, we have 2 additional rigid trucks with a capacity of 19.3 Tons on our rigid truck.

This clearly shows that Kensys Gas has the capability to not only deliver in bulk and but also fill individual cylinders on site depending on the customer’s storage capacity.

In addition we have 130 tons capacity of mobile storage in form of LPG Cylinders, 3kg, 5kg,6kg, 9kg, 48kg single valve and 48kg double valve cylinders.

Satellite bulk storage around the country of about 92 tons, brings the total storage capacity to 368.5 tons.

Environment and Safety

As a company we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work as outlined in our Environmental Management Charter (EMC).We care about the environment and are proud of the many ways in which our employees work to safeguard it. Our persistent efforts to improve on our safe work environment continue to pay off as we have set up safety precautions in both Upstream and Downstream operations at  all our locations ( Gas Station) guided by;