Saving you CARBON…

LPG is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available off the national grid and is itself  a recycled product, being the otherwise flared byproduct of the oil production process. It’s carbon to hydrogen ratio and high heating value, make it an exceptional source of energy.

Saving you MONEY…

We believe that LPG is the clear choice for cost compared to other sources of energy such as firewood, paraffin and electricity.
Home: We do it all for you! Installation costs will include the regulator, valve, pigtails, the gas line to the appliances and the cost of the gas fitter’s labour depending on the set up. The cost will vary depending on the length of the gas line required between the regulator and the appliances. All you need to do is buy the gas bottles.
Commercial: We cater for  hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, golf clubs, spa, learning institutions etc, that have energy needs. At Kensysgas we aim to be your energy partner and take the load off you. We recognize the key service issues of the commercial sector as reliability and responsive delivery, environmental responsibility, keen pricing and trusted personal relationships. We believe they are at the core of what we at Kensysgas offer. Whether you are using LPG for central heating, cooking with a controllable flame, heating water or a combination of all three we would like to visit, assess your energy consumption and design a supply to fit your needs that will optimise efficiency and save you money.

Above ground tanks

For most of our customers, an over ground LPG Storage tank is perfect for storing a bulk supply of LPG. We’ll carry out a full site survey, identifying the best location for your tank and then our dedicated engineering department will fit your tank – easy.

If you’re currently using LPG from another supplier and have a tank already, don’t worry. We’ll arrange with your existing supplier for you to keep your tank. No hassle, no cost. Simple.