LPG For Home Use

LPG may not have been the first thought for powering a home that you are proud of- but it should be. An individually tailored LPG solution from Kensys Gas is not only safe and convenient but also more environmentally friendly than firewood, coal or electricity.


No self-respecting chef would cook with anything else but gas. In fact, LPG is one of the major ingredients in the success of a good recipe and delicious meal. Its efficient flame provides you with instant heat and therefore makes cooking easy, enjoyable and clean. LPG does not leave any residue, does not taint your food and helps to prolong your cooking equipment’s life span.


What a pleasure it is to feel warm around an LPG fireplace or portable heater during a cold winter. Be it a heater or a main heating system, LPG will add a touch of extra warmth to your life wherever you are. You will also appreciate the safe and healthy side of an LPG heater due to the fact that it does not produce any sparks nor residue. Warmth, safety and comfort is all you expect from your home. LPG is the perfect solution to save money and energy, protecting you from harmful emissions.


Candles may be romantic but are not so practical in situations where light is required. Wherever you are, outside or inside, or in the middle of nowhere, your LPG-fired lighter will be there to illuminate your way. You will also be able to appreciate the natural repellent effect that an LPG-powered light has on insects in the wild. It is the ideal solution for the patio, at the pool-side, on a camping expedition or wherever you may need outdoor lighting.


Gone are the days of fluctuating air-conditioned temperatures. LPG has revolutionised the consistent supply of your temperature requirements. From island breezes to Alaskan snow falls, you can have it all. Home air-conditioning is the easiest way to monitor your home temperature. A vast range of systems is available to suit your needs.


Inviting friends over to savour your famous marinated steak-on-the-barbie will be transformed from a simple Zimbabwean braai into an extravagant gourmet experience. Call them at noon and tell them to be at your place by 1pm… After all, it’s possible with a gas barbecue. It’s simple, safe and easy to use. In addition, thanks to a gas barbecue and patio heater, you will be able to enjoy those special occasions throughout the year.


Whatever the weather, your clothes can dry safely, hygienically and efficiently thanks to your LPG-fired drier. Efficient and easy-to-use, this modern device will allow you to concentrate on more important things than watching the weather forecast in order to plan for an appropriate time to do the washing. An LPG dryer offers faster drying compared to conventional electric appliances because of a greater volume of dry, absorbent air passing through your clothes. It will clean perfectly and provide moisture by reducing the amount of static energy whilst preserving the colours of your favourite garments

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