SWAP ‘n GO allows you to swap any 3kg, 5kg or 9kg Kensys Gas cylinder  at your local SWAP ‘n GO outlet. Not only is it convenient and fast, it is also safer.

The bottles are always in date and you are assured they have been filled correctly and double leak checked.

Why should I use SWAP’n’GO instead of refilling?

  • It’s faster
  • It’s safer
  • The bottles are always in date
  • You know it has been filled correctly and double leak checked.
  • Swap any 3kg,5kg or 9kg Kensys Gas cylinder  at your local SWAP’n’GO outlet

What if I don’t have a gas bottle to swap?

No problem. You can purchase a full SWAP’n’GO gas bottle without a trade-in at any of our convenient SWAP’n’GO Locations. The next time you want to fill it up you can SWAP’n’GO.

Do I own the gas bottle I receive?

No, when you purchase or swap a gas bottle from us, you do not own the SWAP’n’GO gas bottle you receive.It remains a property of Kensys Gas
Also, you are free to choose swap or refill when it is empty.

Can I return my bottle and get a refund if I don’t need it anymore?

  • When you purchase or swap at SWAP’n’GO you do not own the bottle as it remains property of Kensys Gas and should you want to return it, the bottle is assessed to check for any damages and if there is non then a refund will be issued.
  • You might also consider giving your bottle to family or friends if you no longer have any need of it.

How can I tell if the gas bottle I will receive is full?

Every SWAP’n’GO gas bottle is precision filled on a digital scale and leak tested. You can however request that it be weighed should you been in doubt.

How do I know a SWAP’n’GO gas bottle is safe?

At Kensys Gas, we pride ourselves on our bottle quality.
All SWAP’n’GO gas bottles are either new or quality checked

What is the best way to safely store a gas bottle?

  • It is best to store gas bottles outdoors in a well ventilated space.
  • Gas bottles should never be stored indoors.
  • Gas bottles should always be stored upright.
  • Do not store gas bottles near an ignition source.